About this program

The Rainbow shading system includes a whole range of applications for a more effective development of new formulas, for their distribution to customers and work with these new formulas online at colour shading sites. The online administration site on the web pages provides access to the licence administration, data control with access to shading sites for upgrading, and the full installation of the program.

The basis of this system provide the applications Rainbow 5 and Data Import. Apart from those there are other auxiliary programs facilitating the online administration process, creation of statistical price lists and catalogues of products and shades, several transfer points in various types of database, the special colour conversion programs and the programs for reading L and b coordinates, etc.

Specially designed to your needs

The application can be adjusted to every customer’s requirements. Following an agreement we can adjust and redesign the application, adjust the pricing formulas and mixing formulas, link Rainbow to work with other applications (e.g. stock management or accounting), provide an atypical mixing device, and so on.

We are always ready to help you

Applications keep developing and changing according to the customers’ needs. We welcome any constructive idea for improving the program and will be prepared to implement it after an through analysis. On purchasing the program customers will be provided access to the administration site on these web pages where they can download upgrades to their program and new mixing formulas distributed by our company and use other auxiliary programs.

Multi-user access

The application works on a three-level user access to the available functions. On the management level it allows to change prices or reset the discount columns while on the user level it provides. All this is under control of the third administrator level where it is possible to change or adjust the settings of mixing machines and calibrating cylinders.

For your operating system

The application is designed for the use with Windows operating system and it is suitable for all versions of Windows 2000, XP ,Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.


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